Visualization mini-assignment

Due: February 9, 2018 @ 5:00pm


Obtain the Github repository you will use to complete the mini-assignment, which contains a starter file named visualization_mini-assignment.Rmd. The demos and exercises you will be completing are written inside visualization_mini-assignment.Rmd, complete them within the indicated spaces. You should knit your file to the HTML format to check how it looks. When you’re done, save your file, commit, push (upload) it to Github, and follow the How to submit section below to setup a Pull Request, which will be used for feedback.

How to submit

When you are ready to submit, be sure to save, commit, and push your final result so that everything is synchronized to Github. Then, navigate to your copy of the Github repository you used for this assignment. You should see your repository, along with the updated files that you just synchronized to Github. Confirm that your files are up-to-date, and then do the following:

  1. Click the Pull Requests tab near the top of the page.

  2. Click the green button that says “New pull request”.

  3. Click the dropdown menu button labeled “base:”, and select the option starting.

  4. Confirm that the dropdown menu button labled “compare:” is set to master.

  5. Click the green button that says “Create pull request”.

  6. Give the pull request the following title: Submission: Visualization mini-assignment, FirstName LastName, replacing FirstName and LastName with your actual first and last name.

  7. In the messagebox, write My Visualization mini-assignment is ready for grading @shuaibm @jkglasbrenner.

  8. Click “Create pull request” to lock in your submission.


You are encouraged to review and keep the following cheatsheets handy while working on this assignment: